Champagne Birthday Dinner Menus


  • Custom menu design
  • Custom illustration
  • Brush-lettered guest names
  • Hand-painted metallic embellishments

inspiration: MoDERN + FEMININE

This project was a custom menu design for an intimate champagne birthday dinner party. If you don’t know what a “champagne birthday” is, it’s when your age is the same number as the day you were born (like turning 28 on the 28th).

I painted a marble background using pink and grey tones in watercolour, which was then digitized and printed along with the menu details on textured paper. Each guest had their own menu personalized with their hand-lettered name and marble vein embellishments painted in a metallic brass tone, matching the tablescape decor.

The menus were finished with a hand-deckled bottom edge and tied with a beautiful green ribbon.


Planning & Design - Feast & Festivities
Photography - Kassandra Donaldson Photography
Florals - Heather Page
Food - Chef Ben Kramer
Stationery Design - That First Spark